Creating a New Interop

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Creating a New Interop on This Site

  1. . Create a homepage for the new interop
    1. . Preferred format would be I(x) User-centric Interop at (conference) (year)
  2. . Create a Namespace for the interop
    1. . Current preferred format is I3, I4, I4a, etc

Creating a New Interop on Another Site

You are welcome to use the templates on this site as an example - to recreate what we've done, you will need a whole bunch of templates, extensions, and wiki configuration such as new namespaces, etc. This is assuming anyone really wants to do what we've done. Best place to start is our Wiki Configuration Notes page - but I've also written some code that you'll need and that isn't documented anywhere yet. I'll do my best to document what I've got, when I have time - until then, you can contact me at