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Overview tourism in Vietnam's . November 6th, 9:26 Vietnam country located in Southeast Asia, is known for the beauty that nature bestowed on this country. The following article provides some general information about tourism in Vietnam. The history of Vietnam's tourism industry In the war with France, Emperor Bao Dai (last emperor of Vietnam) was established tourism base in South Vietnam 06/05/1951. Introduction to the tourism industry of Vietnam is a three position until now very popular with international tourists as Nha Trang, Da Lat resort, Vung Tau. Although participating in conferences and travel the world at that time the government also invested heavily in modern equipment to serve the tourist industry, but the war happened, the instability caused security industry tourism industry can not develop. In northern Vietnam, it was put on 9/7/1960 established tourism industry in Vietnam. After the war, the government of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism establishment, management and tourism development in the country. The places to visit tourist attractions in Vietnam

As a country with beautiful natural scenery, Vietnam is a country with huge tourism potential. According to some international statistics, Vietnam ranked No. 27 in the country beach beaches all over the world, many famous beach with its natural beauty is it's perfect: Nha Trang beach, sea sand She. So far there are seven sites recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage, including Halong Bay, into the Lake, Thang Long royal citadel relics of Hue, Hoi An, My Son, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. The most prominent of which is Ha Long Bay, where elected one of the seven natural wonders of the world. There are also many tourist attractions and famous resorts attract many visitors as tourist resort in Sapa, Da Lat, Ha Long, Tuan Chau tourism ... Vietnam now has eight biosphere reserves of national and international organizations UNESCO. With the diversity of animals and plants are abundant. The ethnic diversity (54 people) also creates its own culture in each area. Such as elephant festival, meeting of the Central Highlands gong, or ethnic associations northern mountains. The impressive numbers After the war ended, Vietnam was a long period of international sanctions should be retarded compared with the region in decades. However, with the advantages that come along with the new tourism policy, the industry was quick to recover and take steps to develop rapidly. For example: Vietnam in 2008 welcomed more than 4.2 million international visitors and tens of millions of tourists in the country. However, in 2010 has seen great progress, welcoming nearly 5 million tourists visit and 27 million domestic tourists. According to the forecast growth in tourism in 2015 will reach level 7 to 8 million, and in 2020 reached 12 million. Security Vietnam is a country of peace and religious freedom. Should always be a place of safety, security in the region. He better security as part of the authorities have always controlled and safe for tourists at home and abroad. The above article is to introduce a few definitions of the tourism industry is well developed in Vietnam. Hopefully it will give you more options for family and friends during the upcoming Christmas holidays. Good luck my friend. Welcome to vietnam tours