I3a User-Centric Identity Interop at the 2nd European Identity Conference 2008 in Munich

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This is the top-level page for the OSIS user-centric identity interop being conducted at the 2nd European Identity Conference. This event will bring the results obtained in the I3 User-Centric Identity Interop through RSA 2008 to the conference attendees and will build upon them.

This interop event (light) is two weeks after RSA 2008. It is comparable to the Burton Group's Catalyst Conference in Barcelona and an effort in our ongoing interoperablity work.

Call for Participation


Please add yourself here if you will be in Munich in person

Please add yourself here if you plan to add new results beyond the I3 results for I3a remotely

Interop Participant Pages

All participants and solutions that participated in I3 will also be available for participation in I3a unless they take explicit action to remove themselves from the interop after I3. Participant pages can be found at Participants.

Interop Results

Until I3 is over all results for I3a should go into the I3 results pages.

Technical Information

  • There will be a separate WLAN for interop participants; separate from the conference WLAN.

Related Material