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{{#if:|Feature Test |Feature Test }}   Selector Display of Managed Card Display Tokens
Test Type   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Card Usage
Identifier   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|FTR-iis-cardusage-6  
Description   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Tests that the Selector can retrieve and display token values from a managed card  
Role tested   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Information Card Identity Selector  
Known Successful Reference Solution(s)   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|{{ #if: Bandit Wag |
I4:Bandit Wag}}{{ #if: |
[[I4:]]}} {{ #if: |
}} {{ #if: |
Success Criteria   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|The user can successfully retrieve and view managed card claims  
Failure Criteria   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|No ability to view managed card claims, or error on viewing  

Features Proven


 |noresultsheader= {|\n|bgcolor=#eeeeee|No matching Feature found.\n|}\n
 |linksto=I4:FeatureTest-Selector Display of Managed Card Display Tokens
 |nottitlematch = Feature.edit
 |includematch=/FeatureTest-Selector Display of Managed Card Display Tokens/s




  1. Open the result page for your solution and for this test
  2. If not already done, create and install a managed card from the reference Identity Provider
  3. Visit any Relying Party
  4. Select the managed card within the selector
    1. Choose to "retrieve" managed card claims (note this is different than sending the card)
    2. View the managed card claims and verify they are present and accurate compared to the data set at the IdP
  5. Set outcome:
    1. If you were unable to view managed claims within the selector, set outcome to Failed
    2. If you were able to view managed claims within the selector, set outcome to Works
    3. If you saw specific issues, mark the outcome as "Issues" and outline the issues by commenting on the "Talk" tab of this page
  6. Add either four tilde ~~~~ signs or a text name into the "testedby" parameter
  7. Update the date tested, operating systems, and tested solutions parameters of the results page