I5:FeatureTest-Selector Recognition of CardRefresh SOAP Fault

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{{#if:|Feature Test |Feature Test }}   Selector Recognition of CardRefresh SOAP Fault
Test Type   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|SOAP Faults
Identifier   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|FTR-iis-soapfaults-1  
Description   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Tests that a selector who is sent an ic:InformationCardRefreshRequired SOAP Fault will relay useful information to the user, as per ISIP section 6.2  
Role tested   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Information Card Identity Selector  
Known Successful Reference Solution(s)   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|{{ #if: CardSpace .NET Framework 3.5 |
I5:CardSpace .NET Framework 3.5}}{{ #if: |
[[I5:]]}} {{ #if: |
}} {{ #if: |
Success Criteria   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Selector gives useful error denoting context  
Failure Criteria   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Selector gives meaningless error  

Features Proven


 |noresultsheader= {|\n|bgcolor=#eeeeee|No matching Feature found.\n|}\n
 |linksto=I5:FeatureTest-Selector Recognition of CardRefresh SOAP Fault
 |nottitlematch = Feature.edit
 |includematch=/FeatureTest-Selector Recognition of CardRefresh SOAP Fault/s




  1. Open the result page for the Solution being tested with this FeatureTest.
  2. If you don't already have it, import the test card from the file File:I5-stsmunge.crd into the Selector being tested.
  3. Open a relying party site that will not result in account creation, such as the Bandit Wag Test Card Page. If you use the Bandit RP site, use a radio button to ask for a claim, such as firstname, and then click the "Test Card" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Invoke the selector and select the "I5 STS Munge Tests" Card.
  5. When prompted for the username, type "refresh" as the username (password doesn't matter)
    1. If you forget what to type, you can open the IdP privacy policy for a reminder
  6. Set outcome:
    1. If control was returned to the selector and a message something like "Interop test succeeded, Stale information... card refresh required" was displayed, set outcome to "Works".
    2. If no message was displayed, or a message that did not explain that a card refresh was needed was shown, set outcome to "Failed".
    3. If other issues occurred set the result to "Issues" and describe them in the Notes section.
  7. Enter either four tilde ~~~~ signs or your name into the "testedby" parameter.
  8. Update the date tested, operating systems, and tested solutions parameters of the results page.