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{{#if:|Feature Test |Feature Test }}   Selector Support for Rich Clients
Test Type   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Selector Invocation
Identifier   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|FTR-iis-rptrigger-3  
Description   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Invoke identity selector from a rich client application.  
Role tested   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Information Card Identity Selector  
Known Successful Reference Solution(s)   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|{{ #if: CardSpace .NET Framework 3.5 |
I5:CardSpace .NET Framework 3.5}}{{ #if: |
[[I5:]]}} {{ #if: |
}} {{ #if: |
Success Criteria   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Selector invoked and passes claims from selected card to application.  
Failure Criteria   bgcolor={{{color}}}}}|Selector not invoked or other failures when invoking or using selector.  

Features Proven


 |noresultsheader= {|\n|bgcolor=#eeeeee|No matching Feature found.\n|}\n
 |linksto=I5:FeatureTest-Selector Support for Rich Clients
 |nottitlematch = Feature.edit
 |includematch=/FeatureTest-Selector Support for Rich Clients/s




  1. Open the result page for the solution for this test.
  2. Download a rich client application:
    1. For a Windows rich client application, download from File:I3-WindowsSmartClient.zip
    2. Links to applications for other platforms should be added here as well. For now, these will probably be selector-specific unless they indirect through a selector-selector.
  3. Unzip (extract) the rich client application (which is client/bin/client.exe in the .zip file).
  4. Start a command window and cd to the location of the client application.
  5. Type either "client symm" to use a symmetric key or "client asymm" to use an asymmetric key
  6. The Selector should then be invoked.
  7. Set outcome:
    1. If the success criteria was met, set the outcome to "Works".
    2. If the test failed, set the outcome to "Failed" and enter information about the failure in the Notes section.
    3. If other issues occurred set the result to "Issues" and describe them in the Notes section.
  8. Add either four tilde ~~~~ signs or a text name into the "Tested by" parameter.
  9. Update the Date Tested, Browser, and Operating System lines of the results page.