Joining the Interop

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Step 1: Register as a User

  • If you don't, you'll see annoying captcha forms all the time. You can also register with your OpenID or i-name.

  • Click the Special:Upload link here (or on the left of the page in the "toolbox" section).
  • Upload your logo. Make sure the filename gives a hint of who owns the logo.
  • Remember the filename (ie yourlogo.png) for later.

Step 3: Add a Participant

  • Go to the Category:Participant page.
  • Enter your company/project name into the input box where the question mark (?) is and click the "create" button.
    • You will be taken to a blank template page where you can fill in information about your company/project.
    • The "logo" parameter is a link to an uploaded image file, and should look something like [[Image:yourlogo.png]]
  • Save your page and make sure that your data looks correct

Step 4: Add a Solution

  • Go to the Solution page for the Interop you want to participate in.
  • Enter your solution/product name into the input box where the question mark (?) is and click the "create" button.
    • IMPORTANT: Names matter, and changing your name once results begin to be generated is non-trivial and very time consuming for the site admins. Try to refrain from using punctuation that would be escaped in a URL (such as apostrophes, etc), and try to keep your name short.
    • solutionowner should be the exact participant name you just created.
    • identifier isn't used now but may be in the future - create a 3-7 character short version of your solution name.
    • solutionrole1 should contain the primary role your solution plays, and must be one of the following:
      • Information Card Relying Party
      • Information Card Identity Provider
      • Information Card Browser Add-On
      • Information Card Identity Selector
      • OpenID Identity Provider
      • OpenID Relying Party
    • solutionendpoint1 should contain the URL to the location that a tester would go to in order to either test your service or download your application.
    • solutionrole2,3,4 and solutionendpoint2,3,4 should be filled out similarly if your solution acts in more roles than one.
  • If you've done everything correctly, once you save your solution, you should see that the solution owner is a blue or purple link to your participant page, and that all of the different roles your solution plays show up in the chart. If things don't look right, we suggest viewing somebody else's solution page and seeing what they have done.

Step 5: Get Pam to add you to the Cross-Solution Pages

  • This is currently a manual step - email Pam when your solution is in place.
  • If you don't have Pam's contact page, check out her participant page for contact info: Participants:Pamela Project

Step 6: Start Testing!

  • There are 2 types of tests - Feature Tests and Cross-Solution tests.
    • Access Feature Tests via your solution page. (You don't have to wait for Pam to start these tests!)
    • Access Cross-Solution tests by going to the overall results page for the interop and clicking on the matrices that apply to your solution. (For this one you have to wait for Pam.)