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OSIS: Open-Source Identity Systems

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OSIS brings together many identity-related open-source projects, and synchronizes and harmonizes the construction of an interoperable identity layer for the internet from open-source parts. Its first deliverable is interoperability with Microsoft CardSpace, although OSIS also encompasses alternate technologies such as OpenID and SAML.

Upcoming Events

I3 User-Centric Identity Interop through RSA 2008

RSA Conference, San Francisco CA, April 7-11 2008

<categorytree mode=pages style="float:right; clear:right; margin-left:1ex; border:1px solid gray; padding:0.7ex; background-color:white;">Category:I3 Interop</categorytree> Participants are working from now until April to test their solutions against each other, with the goal of demonstrating interoperability between both OpenID and Information Card Systems.

  • Contribute directly to our results yourself by running a test or two.

I3a User-Centric Identity Interop at the 2nd European Identity Conference 2008 in Munich

Takes place at the European Identity Conference 2008, April 22-25, 2008


There will be an interop WLAN that is separated from the conference WLAN. Details onsite.

About OSIS

The OSIS working group was created by agreement of the involved parties on Monday, Jun 19, 2006. It arose out of discussions since about February 2006 between Microsoft, NetMesh and Verisign. OSIS is governed by a OSIS Steering Committee with broad participation from software vendors and open-source projects. OSIS .was chartered as an Identity Commons working group on September 15, 2006


Per OSIS Agreement, the OSIS project brings together heads of open-source projects related to digital identity, in order

  1. to enable those projects to work independently, but aligned, so overlap of work is avoided, and the parts developed by different projects can fit
  2. to deliver an open-source identity selector as a joint effort of multiple projects, which is intended to be at least as functional, and fully compatible, with Microsoft's CardSpace (formerly known as InfoCard) identity selector that will be shipped with Windows Vista.

Past Interop Events

Catalyst Barcelona (Spain): October, 2007

OSIS members will participate in an Interop in Barcelona, in conjunction with the Burton Group Catalyst conference there: participation is OPEN, if you are interested, please join the OSIS-general mailing list and ask for more information.

Catalyst San Francisco USA: June 27, 2007

OSIS members participated in a user-centric Identity Interop sponsored by the Burton Group carried out during the Catalyst Conference, on the evening of June 27, 2007. The event was successful, with a well-attended demonstration at the event. Further Information:

Interop Participant Collaboration Page (these pages are only for participants, you must have a valid OpenID approved by Johnannes Ernst to get to this link).

IIW 2007a Mountain View USA: May 2007

OSIS members participated in a 'warm-up' to the Burton group Catalyst conference, gathering at the IIW unconference to work together.

Recent News


Mailing Lists

  • General OSIS discussion (Mailman)
  • OSIS Steering Committee discussion (Mailman)
  • Catalyst Barcelona interop preparation / discussion (Google Groups)