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This is the top-level page for the fifth OpenID Connect interop (OC5). It began in June 2013 using the second set of OpenID Connect Implementer's Drafts and is now being conducted using the final OpenID Connect specifications (the two of which are nearly identical). 24 new feature tests were added in June 2014, including third party login tests, key rollover tests, and issuer consistency tests, including two negative tests.

<categorytree mode=pages style="float:right; clear:right; margin-left:1ex; border:1px solid gray; padding:0.7ex; background-color:white;">Category:OC5 Interop</categorytree> Sites are highly encouraged to stay online to allow new participants to test their implementations with an established "always on" testing network. We encourage updating test results as features are added and problems resolved.

Interop Details

Solutions by Role:

Using the OP Testing Tools

Roland Hedberg and Andreas Åkre Solberg have written automated tools for testing OPs and also hosted them online.

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