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Catalyst User-Centric Identity Interop


Invited participants will get together on Wednesday June 27, 2007 from 6-9:30pm to demonstrate "interoperability of protocols, wire formats, card formats, policies, selectors, platforms, implementations, and user experience to show significant signs of maturity for user-centric Identity management systems" (press release here).

Date:Wednesday June 27, 2007, 6-9:30pm
Location:Hilton San Francisco (room number TBD),San Francisco CA
Weekly Telephone Prep Meetings:Every Tuesday, 2pm ET. 866-471-9628 passcode 3048162

POST-EVENT UPDATE: A summary of the results of the Catalyst North America 2007 OSIS Interop event can be found here.

Rules & Logistics

  • Demo participants need to register for the Catalyst conference - instructions here
  • Signage and marketing info here
  • Logistics for access to test room and interop demo room.
  • Microsoft is sponsoring the network and catering; Oracle is sponsoring the monitors - Thank You!
  • Paul Trevithick and Kim Cameron are co-presenting on the demo during the main track
  • On site contact info

Common Information


NOTE: Participants are responsible for updating their own status on this page, and keeping data on their own page up-to-date. If you make an adjustment to your site or software that may result in others wanting to repeat their test suites, please update the "Last Updated" date on the page, and include information on the new changes. If you are having a problem with a particular component, edit the "Issues" section of that component's page.

Please also add contact information and a description of how participants can refer to your component (if you type nothing, the assumption will be that you are fine with being referred to as a participant, but that any other references should be discussed before publishing).

Relying Parties

ParticipantNameCurrent Status
Bandit Bandit Wiki - Basic AuthenticationAvailable
Bandit Bandit Wiki - Advanced AuthenticationAvailable
BMC BMC Relying PartyNot Yet Available
CA CA Relying PartyAvailable - Not online
FuGen Solutions FuGen SocialPhotos RPAvailable
Higgins Higgins Relying PartyAvailable
IBM IBM Relying PartyAvailable
Internet2 Internet2 / Shibboleth Relying PartyAvailable
Microsoft IdentityBlog: HelloWorld Token DemoAvailable
Microsoft IdentityBlog: HumanPresent Relying PartyAvailable
Microsoft Windows Live Labs: Live Labs IdP Relying PartyAvailable
Microsoft Windows Live Labs: Live Labs Managed Card Relying PartyAvailable
Microsoft Microsoft test site: Age STS Relying PartyAvailable
Microsoft Microsoft test site: Fabrikam Friends Relying Party using an EV certificateAvailable
NetMesh NetMesh Relying PartyAvailable - Not online
Pamela Project PW-jos Joomla PluginAvailable
Pamela Project PW-wp Wordpress Plugin (uses XHTML, changes content based on cameratype claim)Available
Oracle Oracle Relying PartyAvailable
Ping Identity Ping RPAvailable
Sxip Identity Sxip Access RPAvailable
VeriSign VeriSign RPAvailable
WSO2 WSO2 Relying PartyAvailable
WSO2 WSO2 Relying Party 2Available - Not online
XMLDAP XMLDAP Relying PartyAvailable

Identity Agents (Selectors)

ParticipantNameCurrent Status
Higgins H1 Higgins H1 Identity AgentAvailable
Higgins H2 Higgins H2 Identity AgentDownloadable (YUM repository)
Higgins H3 Higgins H3 Identity AgentNo Download Link
Ian Brown Ian Brown's Safari PluginDownloadable
Microsoft Windows CardSpaceDownloadable
XMLDAP XMLDAP Identity SelectorDownloadable

Identity Providers

ParticipantNameCurrent Status
Bandit Bandit's Wag Identity ProviderAvailable
FuGen Solutions FuGen MISP Test IPAvailable
Higgins Higgins Identity ProviderAvailable
IBM IBM Identity ProviderAvailable
Internet2 Internet2/Shibboleth Identity ProviderAvailable
Microsoft IdentityBlog HumanPresent Identity ProviderAvailable
Microsoft Windows Live Labs Identity ProviderAvailable
Ping Identity Ping Identity ProviderAvailable
VeriSign VeriSign Personal Identity ProviderAvailable
WSO2 WSO2 Identity ProviderAvailable - Not online
XMLDAP XMLDAP Identity ProviderAvailable