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Category:BG09 Solution

Template Invocation

{{DT Article|index=}}
== Solution Name?? ==
  |name              = 
  |identifier        =
  |summary           = 
  |homepage          = http://
  |logo              = 
  |instructions      =
  |latestversion     =
  |latestreleasedate =
  |solutionowner     =
  |assertionissuer =
  |certificatechain =
  |publiccertificate =
  |metadataurl       =
  |solutionrole1     =
  |solutionendpoint1 = http://
  |solutionrole2     =
  |solutionendpoint2 = http://
  |solutionrole3     =
  |solutionendpoint3 = http://
  |solutionrole4     =
  |solutionendpoint4 = http://

Usage notes

  • name
The name of the component without the initial interop prefix (eg: BG10:).
  • summary
A short description of the component purpose.
More detailed descriptions are desirable, and should be added to the main page content.
  • homepage
Web page for the solution
  • logo
Logo for the project or solution (if different than the Participant logo)
  • instructions
Either text instructions or a link to a page describing how to get or get to your solution
  • latestversiondate
A date that should be updated if you change your solution to fix any problems
  • solutionowner
The Name of the Participant who makes the Component -- should be the exact wiki page name, without the "Participants:" part
  • metadataurl
An http url pointing to the Entity Descriptor file
  • AssertionIssuer
The value of of the EntityID in a SAML token (for SAML or IMI) or the OP Endpoint URL for OpenID
  • certificatechain
Optional certificate data for validating a certificate outside a trust framework.
  • publiccertificate
Public certificates for your solution - what should show up in the trust framework document.
  • solutionrole1 - solutionrole4
The type of component
Possible Values:
  • Information Card Identity Selector
  • Information Card Browser Add-on
  • Information Card Identity Provider
  • Information Card Relying Party
  • OpenID Identity Provider
  • OpenID Relying Party
  • solutionendpoint1 - solutionendpoint4
The URL of the endpoint for the given solution role

If a given instantiation of this component can act in more than 4 component capacities, this template can be expanded.