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Category:FeatureTest Result

Template Invocation

{{DT Article|index=}}
== FeatureTest Result Name?? ==
{{BG10 Result
  |name            = 
  |identifier      =
  |primarysolution =
  |testdate        =
  |testedby        =
  |outcome         =
  |testedsolution1 =
  |testedsolution2 = 
  |operatingsystem =
  |browser         =
  |notes           =

Usage notes

  • name
The name of the participant.
  • identifier
The test identifier (part of the file name)
  • primarysolution
The solution for which results are mainly applicable
  • testdate
The date the test was last run
  • testedby
The name of the latest tester
  • outcome
The recorded result - should be one of:
  • Works
  • Issues
  • Not Applicable
  • testedsolution1, testedsolution2
The solutions used to arrive at the result (NOTE: Spell it right and test that the link works please!)
  • browser
The type of browser used
  • operatingsystem
The type of operating system used
  • notes
Any other important information