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Template Invocation

  |name               = 
  |identifier         = 
  |testtype           = 
  |areatested         = 
  |status             =  
  |summary            = 
  |testedrole         = 
  |referencesolution1 =
  |referencesolution2 =
  |success            = 
  |failure            =

Usage notes

  • name
The name of the featuretest - this should match the page name, unless there are multiple templates per page.
  • identifier
The identifier is a multi-part string of the following format:
  • FT<InteropID>-<solutionroleabbrev>-<testtype><number>
  • FTI3-iis-cardusage1 (FeatureTest for I3, Information Card Identity Selector, Card Usage test 1)
  • FTI3-iidp-siteinfo2 (FeatureTest for I3, Information Card Identity Provider, Site Information Test 2)
  • FTI3-irp-ssl1 (FeatureTest for I3, Information Card Relying Party, SSL Test 1)
  • testtype
Should be one of the following values:
  • Selector Invocation
  • SSL Support
  • Card Management
  • Card Usage
  • Condition Handling
  • Site Information
  • areatested
An optional feature to test for for applicability of solutions
  • status
Placeholder - not used yet
  • summary
A short description of the participant.
  • testedrole
The type of Component Role this test is applicable for
Possible Values:
  • Information Card Identity Selector
  • Information Card Browser Add-on
  • Information Card Identity Provider
  • Information Card Relying Party
  • OpenID Identity Provider
  • OpenID Relying Party
  • referencesolution1 - referencesolution2
Links to known good solution for use in this test
  • success
Test success criteria
  • failure
Test failure criteria