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Creating a new Test

A Participant is an individual or group that takes part in one or more OSIS Interops.

If you aren't sure what to put into each line, consult the help page

Template Hints

  • Please leave the {{DT Article}} template on the first line.
  • You can add other information to the page once you complete the template and save.
  • Replace "Test Name??" with the name of your object.
  • Enter the name again after name =
  • Enter attribute values after the = sign (leaving one space)
  • If you see a dot after the equal sign ( Attribute = . ) you must start your text in the next line.
    • Within such fields you can use complete wiki syntax.
    • Wiki headlines (like ===Headline===) MUST start on level THREE and all wiki headlines MUST be indented by at least one space.