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Installing a solar energy system remains a wonderful way to save cash on your power requirements plus invest in any renewable energy resource. To this purpose, one expanding quantity of persons are installing solar panels in their houses. Solar panels are constructed using photovoltaic cells, which store the renewable energy from sunlight.

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Things You'll Require

Solar energy panels Mounts (flush mounts, pole mounts or roof-ground) Laser sight Drill with pilot bit Stud finder Metal rails Metal flashing 3/8-inch stainless steel bolts Panel conduit Converter

1 Obtain solar energy panels out of a reliable and reputable retailer. Before making the last purchase, produce certainly you check the prices and examines from 3 to five different stores.

2 Choose the place where you need to mount the solar energy system. Usually, the rooftop of the building remains considered the most suitable place for installing solar cells. Find a area on the roof that obtains primary sunlight throughout the day.

3 Purchase solar mounts that are compatible with your solar panels. Go through the instructions manual of the panels to secure which mounts are most appropriate. Numerous of the ordinarily used mounts contain roof-floor mounts, flush supports and pole mounts.

4 Find the roof supporting beams along with the help of some stud finder. Location the mounts on best of the supporting beams. At this time pre-exercise mounting holes using some pilot drill tad. These holes will help avoid cracking and splitting about supporting beams. Drill supports and use bolts to hold them strongly in place.

5 Reduce leak in your roof by placing metal flashing throughout the panel mounts. Leakings can possibly arise throughout the drilling process, also it is best to have precautionary steps. Another choice yous to mop the roof by a paste of hot tar.

6 Secure the metal rails to the supports using stainless steel bolts (3/8 inch). Solar panels are mounted on the mount method alongside these rails.

7 Install the panels along the metal rails. Open the junction box located on the back of each and every solar panel and connect all the panels together. While you reach the last panel, operate the wires from here to a separate junction box. Immediately run a passage from the solar inverter to the solar panels. Work not forget to nearby the junction boxes afterward.

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