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Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Hurricane Stopper game (on arcade)

Win with Tempest Stopper

1 Relax down. If you are tense while playing, it will be more difficult to triumph. Consider any few seconds to breathe and calm your self if necessary.

2 Get on your knees, or sit down if obligatory, to set yourself at eye level with the arches. You desire the arches to be directly on front regarding also centered to your eyes, because this will make it easier to cease the soft at the proper location.

3 Put inside your quarter and get ready. Some games will reverse the route of the mild to make sure you know it's ready. Allow the mild to go all over the circle at lowest some full turn so you can judge the speed plus secure ready.

4 Motivate the button to quit the light any fraction of a second before you think you must. Using this method will slowly, nevertheless surely, make you better on stopping the gentle in the appropriate time.

Tips & Warnings

These steps can also be used on such games as Cyclone and Wheel of Fortune. If performing Cyclone, you are more in all likelihood to hit the jackpot being the ticket prize grows larger. Even with these tips, Storm Stopper is some difficult game. Exact timing to hit the jackpot can be whereas low whereas 1 website milliseconds. Casino OnlineCasino Bonus. ;