Catalyst Open Identity Business Interop Participants

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Initial roles and participants: this list is still under developed

Organization Role Protocol/LOA Contact Software Comments

CA RP enablement IMI LOA-1 and LOA-2, OpenID, SAML 2.0 Tommy Cheng SiteMinder for PubMed at NIH; IMI natively, OpenID by plugin
DotNetOpenAuth RP enablement OpenID LOA-1 Andrew DotNetOpenAuth
Ping RP enablement SAML LOA-1 and LOA-2? Pam Dingle
PamelaWare RP enablement for Drupal and MediaWIki IMI LOA-1 and LOA-2 and LOA-3 Pam Dingle PamelaWare Drupal/MediaWiki plugins updated for new meta data listing
Microsoft IdP, RP, and Identtiy Selector SAML LOA-1, WS-Federation LOLA-1, IMI LOA-1 Mike Jones and Tony Nadalin AD FS 2.0, Information Card Issuance CTP
NIH RP OpenID LOA-1, IMI LOA-1 Matt Tebo PubMed and?
GSA RP TBD OpenID LOA-1, IMI LOA-1 and LOA-2??? Terry McBride TBD - leverage RSA demo
Google IdP OpenID LOA-1, Eric Sachs
Equifax IdP IMI LOA-1 and LOA-2 and LOA-3? Ron Carpinella
PayPal IdP OpenID LOA-1, IMI LOA-1 Ashish Jain
Azigo IdP and Selector enablement IMI LOA-1 and LOA-2 and LOA-3? Paul Trevithick
Booz Allen Hamilton Implementation Strategy Mike Ozburn
Identity Commons OSIS Interop WG John Bradley, Mary Ruddy etc.
Information Card Foundation ICF protocol Drummond Reed
OpenID Foundation OpenID protocol Don Thibeau
Open Identity Exchange Trust Framework Provider Drummond Reed
Kantara Initiative Trust Framework Provider Joni Brennan
InCommon Trust Framework Provider Scott Cantor
CardGears IdP and RP enablement IMI Markus Sabadello hosted service
IBM IdP and RP IMI, OpenID/ICAM, SAML 2.0 Shane Weeden IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager