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The Building Industry Consulting Support International, Inc. (BICSI) offers authorization in dual areas: fundamental design about information technology systems also registered communications distribution pattern (RCDD). RCDD optimistics should complete basic certification first.


The basic BICSI certificate indicates the holder has mastered the basics of IT design. Any certificate indicates basic understanding of data, voice and video programs networking. The program includes 5 courses that is explain these ideas, every presented inside two-day workshops. Expense runs about $650 for each course (as about 2010). By the end of each program, students must meet a test with a minimum 75 percent score. While all 5 are finished, applicants receive the Its structured design introductory series certificate.


The RCDD designation indicates sophisticated training within design and planning of IT networks. To obtain this designation, applicants must have 5 years IT design experience or two long time knowledge in approved education , training and additional experience. They must after that pass the RCDD exam, a three-hour, multiple-choice check based on the BICSI's "Telecommunications Distribution Ways Manual." Testing costs $325 for BICSI members plus $525 for non-members (as regarding 2010).

Those who pass the initial certification may pick to add other credentials such as electronic safety and security designer, wireless designer and network transport programs designer. Every certification wants some passing score on a detailed examination.


A variety regarding individuals and colleges offer training programs during the U.S. and Canada for certification. Costs and length of courses vary. A list of sanctioned providers can be found on the BICSI site.