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Squidoo is a community-based Web 2.0 content website made in 2005 through Seth Godin. Squidoo lets writers make pages that are referred to being "Squidoo Lenses" which can cover any topic the author needs. Squidoo lenses are popular by way of individual writers for producing money on advertisement profit sharing and for building backlinks to existing websites to improve their Seek Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Results Placement (SERP). Because one Web marketer, you may have the need to acquire a Squidoo Lens to help the rankings of a website that you or a client own.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

Squidoo Account

1 Join the Squidoo community if you are not previously a member. You will require to get a legitimate e-mail address to confirm your account when joining.

2 Search to some freelance author that specializes in building and selling Squidoo lenses. Three popular locations to unearth any Squidoo lens writer are: Squidoo itself, Net Builders Forum, plus Digital Stage. Each location will include contract authors available to create a lens to a charge.

3 Request your freelance writer exchange the Squidoo lens to your account. You will receive a notification email from Squidoo when the author has initiated exchange to you.

4 Log-within to Squidoo and accept transfer of the recently created lens to your accounts. Besides helping drive Net traffic to your desired internet site, Squidoo is also common for promoting affiliate products from websites like as Commission Junction and Click Bank as well like earning money through targeted Google Advertising.

The way to Buy a Squidoo Lens Taking Started Along with Squidoo Facts Roughly Squidoo


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