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You may fix your AC by recharging it.

If you own a Ford built from 1995 or later, you may easily repair the A/C through recharging it. All Fords built after 1995 use R134a refrigerant from their air compressors. You can acquire a recharge kit finished with the R134a, support hose and pressure gauge.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


Things You'll Require

Air conditioner recharge package

1 Thread the service hose onto the best of the R134a container. Turn the valve clockwise to ruin the seal on the container. Back the valve away a little and remove the air away from the service hose. As soon whereas refrigerant arrives out, close the valve.

2 Locate the pair silver hoses that connect to your air compressor. Each hose has a black cap on it. Remove the smaller cap. This remains named the "small side valve" If you remove the wrong cover, you will not damage the air compressor because the service hose will not fit on the coupler.

3 Place the service hose on the low side valve.

4 Turn on the Ford and turn the air conditioner on complete blast.

6 Close the valve, turn away the Ford, remove the service hose out of the low side valve and place the cap back on the low side valve.

Suggestions & Warnings

If the air conditioner start blowing warm air within the next several months, take your Ford to a repair facility to boast it inspected for leaks in the air conditioning unit.


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