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Rent a London Flat Weekly

If you’re visiting London and you’re shocked of the prices hotels are charging, don’t despair. Hiring any flat can be a wonderful solution to this problem. Holiday apartments, which are usually rented with the week, are a cheaper and additional comfy substitute to costly hotels. Not only will you end increase cash less each night, except you will furthermore save money on meals, because you will be able to cook with yourself, rather other than having to eat all your meals outside.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Сheck out Craigslist. Known as the “final virtual board,” the website provide you with listings regarding London flats you can rent via the day, week or month. Most are offered by individual individuals, which means there are no additional fees or deposits required. Many regarding the listings include photos, then you can contain a general idea of what you’re getting.

2 Appear with serviced apartments. They are usually listed on the same websites that deal hostel rooms, as they’re considered a modification of hotels. Supports apartments provide a midst ground among private flats and hotels, as they includ any kitchen and other apartment-like facilities, but are saved clear and designed by a staff, like a hotel.

3 Don’t send money to individual personals in advance. This is particularly accurate if you’re reserving one apartment you found in Craigslist or a similar site. Since there are no confirms and no properly-known companies to protect your money, it’s much better merely to err on the side regarding warning.

4 Look into companies like as HolidayLettings, which make available flat rentals by the week. The prices are usually higher than whenever renting from some private individual, nevertheless you are superior protected. Another advantage from internet site such as these is that is you can search apartments by region, price also size.

Tips & Warnings

When leasing any flat, make sure everything is involved: utilities, internet and other extras.

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