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Looking for some smooth, nonviolent or intellectually exciting children's games for your PlayStation? They do exist.

Trouble: Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

PlayStation Elmo's Letter Adventure PlayStation Hello Kitty's Cube Frenzy PlayStation Hot Wheels Turbo Racing PlayStation Olympic Summer Games PlayStation Smurfs PlayStation Toy Story 2 PlayStation Controllers PlayStation Games PlayStations

1 Determine which type regarding game interests your child the most. There's Toy Tale 2, Elmo, Hello Kitty, the Smurfs and Rugrats, Barbie, Hot Wheels, the Olympics also baseball, also even chess for your budding prodigy.

3 Read consumer reviews to hear what other gamers have to say. Critiques are widely available online plus in magazines and can afford insight into graphics, content, target era range, and game play features.

4 Purchase through the shopping listing below or through your favorite online or retail shop.

Tips & Warnings

Generally speaking, the longer a game has been from on the industry, the less it will charge. Newly released games are normally the most expensive. Consider renting any video game before really purchasing it. There's no better way to assess a game.

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