How to Create New FeatureTests

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Creating New FeatureTests

Step 1: Create the Test Page

  1. Go to the FeatureTest category for your interop, eg Category:I3 FeatureTests
  2. Enter your test name, prefixed with 'FeatureTest-" into the input box and click "Create"
  3. Use the Template Help Page to determine template parameters
  4. After the template (ie the lines starting with {{ and ending with }}) add instructions like so:
=== Instructions === 
# Step 1  
# Step 2  
# Step 3

Step 2: Editing the FeatureTest List

Each solution role has it's own FeatureTest List. Open the FeatureTest List Template for the solution role:

When editing the FeatureTest List, leave most of the lines intact, copying the line entitled DT Form Header to add a test area, and the line entitled DT Form Field to add a test. You must know the name of the FeatureTest and the identifier.

  {{DT Form Header         |Nice Area Name                     |value= | width=180 | color=#ccbbcc}}

  {{DT Form Field          |[[I3:FeatureTest-Some Test |Some Test]] |value={{FTResultValue | {{{ns}}}:FTI3-SOMETYPE-SOMEAREA-SOMENUMBER-x-{{{name|}}} }} }}

Step 3: View a Solution and Verify FeatureTest List

Each Solution displays a FeatureTest List for every solution role it plays. You should be able to view a FeatureTest List for any solution that has a solution role matching the primarysolution parameter listed in the test, and see your new feature listed for that solution. You should see a link on the left side of the FeatureTest List that goes to your test page, and a link on the right side of the FeatureTest List that creates a new page when you click on it. MAKE SURE THAT YOU VERIFY THAT THE NAME OF THAT TEST PAGE MATCHES THE IDENTIFIER OF THE TEST!!!

Step 4: Add the Feature Test to the Feature's Test List

==Feature-Basic use of PIN-protected Self-Issued Information Card==
  |feature_id = Basic use of PIN-protected Self-Issued Information Card
  |feature_type = interop
  |solution_role = Information Card Identity Selector
  |feature_description = Support for self-issued cards protected by a user-set PIN number
  |test_description = Use a self-issued information card protected by a PIN number
  |testlist = [[I3:FeatureTest-Your Feature Test]]
  |acceptable = Required and selected optional claims delivered
  |not_acceptable = Additional claims delivered or some selected claims not delivered 
  • Your test should now be visible for the feature - and when you click the link within the feature and go to the test, you should now see the feature listed under "Features Proven".
  • Add the same test link to all features tested by this FeatureTest