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OSIS: Open Source Identity Systems

OSIS brings together many identity-related projects and synchronizes and harmonizes the construction of an interoperable identity layer for the Internet from open-source and commercial parts.

Current Interop: Fifth OpenID Connect Interop

The fifth OpenID Connect interop is being conducted using the final OpenID Connect specifications. 24 new feature tests were added in June 2014, including third party login tests, key rollover tests, and issuer consistency tests, including two negative tests.

About OSIS

OSIS was officially created by agreement of the involved parties on Monday, Jun 19, 2006. It arose out of discussions that began at PC Forum in March 2006 between several companies and individuals interested in seeing compatible user-centric identity software become available on all platforms. OSIS is governed by a OSIS Steering Committee with broad participation from software vendors and open-source projects. OSIS was chartered as an Identity Commons working group on September 15, 2006.


The OSIS project brings together heads of open-source and commercial Digital Identity projects in order to enable those projects to work independently, but aligned, so overlap of work is avoided, and the parts developed by different projects can fit together. OSIS primarily been fulfilling its mission through its Interop activities.

What the OSIS Interops Are and Are Not

The OSIS Interops provide an opportunity for implementers to try their code against one another's in a systematic way, providing data to help improve their implementations. The OSIS Interops are not conformance tests. Participants do not "pass" or "fail". There is no requirement that you must support particular features to participate or that you must participate in all aspects of the Interop.


Past Interop Events

Fourth OpenID Connect Interop: June 2012-June 2013

The Fourth OpenID Connect Interop tested implementations of the OpenID Connect specifications as they evolved between the first and second sets of Implementer's Drafts.

Third OpenID Connect Interop: January-June 2012

The Third OpenID Connect Interop tested implementations of the first set of OpenID Connect Implementer's Drafts.

Open Identity for Business Interop at Burton Group Catalyst 2010

The Burton Group held an Open Identity for Business Interop event at the 2010 North American Catalyst Conference. For more details see Open Identity for Business Interop - Burton Group Catalyst, July 28, 2010

Burton_Group_Cloud_SSO_Interop_Event 2009

The Burton Group hosted a federation interoperability event during its Catalyst conference in July 2009 in San Diego. Catalyst has been the host of many federation interoperability events in the past, including the first SAML 1.0 interop and the first multi-protocol interop demonstration. In 2009 we focused on SaaS or cloud-based applications as the trend of utilizing off-premise applications continues to be a very hot topic for enterprises. The combination of off-premise and on-premise applications strains the management of access for these applications as well as the usability for those that are prompted for another userID and password for each SaaS application.

I5 User-Centric Identity Interop through RSA 2009

The fifth OSIS user-centric identity interop (I5) was conducted from November 2008 through the RSA Conference in April 2009. A pre-conference workshop was jointly hosted by OSIS and Concordia. See the I5 page for more details.

I4 User-Centric Identity Interop through Digital ID World 2008

I4 ran from the end of I3 through the Digital ID World (DIDW) Conference, September 8-10, 2008 in Anaheim, CA. I4 built on the results obtained in I3, focusing primarily on feature tests, rather than cross-solution results.

I3a User-Centric Identity Interop at the 2nd European Identity Conference 2008 in Munich

I3a took place at the European Identity Conference 2008, April 22-25, 2008. This event brought the results obtained in the I3 User-Centric Identity Interop through RSA 2008 to the conference attendees and built upon them.

I3 User-Centric Identity Interop through RSA 2008

RSA Conference, San Francisco CA, April 7-11 2008

During the third OSIS Interop (I3), participants worked from late 2007 through RSA in April 2008 to test their solutions against each other and to test features of their implementations, with the goal of demonstrating interoperability both between OpenID and Information Card Systems and helping implementers improve their implementations. The Interop testing was performed online via public endpoints on the Internet, most of which remain up for ongoing interop testing.

I2 Catalyst Barcelona: October 2007

OSIS members participated in the second OSIS Interop (I2) at the Burton Group Catalyst conference in Barcelona.

I1 Catalyst San Francisco: June 27, 2007

OSIS members participated in a user-centric Identity Interop sponsored by the Burton Group carried out during the Catalyst Conference in San Francisco, on the evening of June 27, 2007. The event was successful, with a well-attended demonstration at the event. Further Information:

IIW 2007a Mountain View USA: May 2007

OSIS members participated in a 'warm-up' to the Burton Group Catalyst conference, gathering at the IIW unconference to work together.


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