Notes from IIW 2006b

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Please find the raw notes (in the presentation) from the OSIS meeting at IIW 2006b here below.

Action items from the meeting:

  • Creation of a FAQ
  • We need more demo code and working demos!
  • Updating the OSIS Concrete Architecture is very important. We will need a project <-> architecture mapping in this context.
  • In addition there should be a 50,000 ft overview on OSIS, its projects and their relation to each other.


  • Agenda
    • Q&A: Make an FAQ
    • Current Status
    • Architecture/Hierarchy
      • List of Projects
    • Bashing Johannes' Talk
    • Future
      • Use Cases/Scenarios
      • Deliverables of OSIS vs. Projects
    • “Is this it?” - are we complete?
  • Current Status
    • Current focus on CardSpace interop --> WS-* protocols
    • Higgins is the selector & STS
    • Xmldap, Heraldry, Bandit, others
    • Bi-weekly calls
    • Lack of demos so far
      • Please step up!
  • Status
    • IP Issues
      • OSP was a great step forward, but still a lot to do
      • OSIS stance as per our response to the OSP is: we will use documents, sniff the wire, etc.
      • All member projects of OSIS will need to get their own legal advice – OSIS is just a “water cooler” discussion, as far as legal issues go
    • Firefox plugin from Microsoft
      • Will not solve the x-platform issues
      • Higgins will deliver Browser plugin and Rich-client CardSpace client
    • Issue: WCS implements deep OS tie-in for phishing protection
      • Beginning to address these issues in OSIS projects
    • Implementing Identity Systems
      • We can do a lot with WS-*
      • OpenID & Liberty have fairly clear IPR regimen
  • Architecture/Projects
    • Create a project <-> architecture mapping
      • This should include 50000ft overview
    • Architecture/Projects
      • CardSpace Interop
      • STS, Selector, Infrastructure
      • Update “Concrete Architecture” OSIS wiki page
  • Use Cases
    • Every use case CardSpace can support
    • Initial AuthN by CardSpace, then use OpenID
    • Goal: Run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Mobile