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Bandit "Wag" IdP(Identity Provider)

Last Update: 28 May, 2007


Connection Details

Registration URL
Token Types Supportedurn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion
Authentication Methods supportedusername/password
self-issued information card
Token Service Endpoint
Claim set Supported

Users can also define custom claims and map them to attributes in the LDAP backing store. Users are allowed to select claims to be included in managed cards. The site also has a page for testing all kinds of managed cards with different claims.

Issue List

Issue DescriptionFound BySolution Notes

Planned Features & Status

Login/SessionNeed to have a user login and establish a session so they don't continually have to provide passwords for certain tasks. Ideally, the login should be done via an information card.Not Started
Registration PageThere is currently a way to register and create an account, but it needs to be more obvious and simplified.Not Started
Java Server PagesRight now we have some work done as a Tomcat servlet (the STS), and other work done using PHP. We want to move the PHP work to JSP so that we can provide a single package (WAR file) that contains everything needed.In Progress
General cleanupThe UI needs to be better organized and more intuitive.Not Started

Notes on public reference


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Contact Name:Daniel SandersDale OldsCarolyn Ford