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Bandit Wiki - Basic Authentication(Relying Party)

Last Update: 28 May, 2007


This RP contains two different selector triggers - the first allows basic authentication to the wiki, and optionally the user can allow a group membership that gives the user the right to edit the wiki. The second trigger requires the group membership, guaranteeing that the user has the right to edit the wiki. Information on the 2nd trigger can be found here

Connection Details

Main URL: (Login link is in top right corner)
Token Type:urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion
Selector Trigger:HTML
Policy Endpoint:Embedded in HTML
Issuer:No Issuer Specified
Required Claims:
Optional Claims:

Issue List

Issue DescriptionFound BySolution Notes

Planned Features & Status

Enhance/Beautify Login PageLogin page needs to be cleaned up. Get rid of green text. Add helpful links (such as how to download and install a selector, etc.). Also need to allow login with username and password - but this depends on having a mechanism for explicit account creation (see below).Not Started
Account Creation/Card RegistrationCurrently, when a user logs in with a card, an account is automatically created using the concatenation of first name and last name. Account creation needs to be explicit. When a user first logs in with a card, he should be allowed to associate that card with an existing account, or perhaps create a new account.Not Started

Notes on public reference


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Contact Name:Daniel SandersDale OldsCarolyn Ford