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Higgins H2 Identity Agent

Last Update: 4 June, 2007


Agent Details

Download URL
Agent TypeNative Client
PlatformSuSE / OpenSuSE 10.x
Software PrerequisitesOpenSSL, xmlsec, libxml2, GTK, libglade, GNOME desktop
Supports Self-Issued Card Scenariosyes
Supports Managed Card Scenariosyes
Supports import of multiple cardsyes
Supports PPID differentiation Scenariosyes

Issue List

Issue DescriptionFound BySolution Notes
Howto documentation for installationahodgkinsonDone for SuSE Linux
Support for automatic retrieval of intermediate certificatesahodgkinsonDone
Use PKCS#7-style padding for encrypted tokensahodgkinsonTBD
Cannot access Gnome keyring when using KDE desktopahodgkinsonUnder investigation

Planned Features & Status

Support EV certificatesDone
Encrypted card storeDone
Personal card used as credential of a managed cardDone

Notes on public reference


Technical ContactTechnical ContactMarketing Contact
Contact Name:Dale OldsAndrew HodgkinsonCarolyn Ford
Telephone:(801) 861-4104(801) 861-4184(801) 861-3446