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IBM IdP(Identity Provider)

Last Update: 26 June, 2007


Connection Details

Registration URL
Add to hosts file:
Token Types Supportedurn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion
Authentication Methods supportedUsernamePasswordCredential
Token Service Endpoint
Claim set Supported

Issue List

Issue DescriptionFound BySolution Notes
RegistrationIBMThere is no registration. There are two canned users available for interoperability testing:
  • bud / passw0rd
  • mary / passw0rd

Please don't modify their claims as this will affect other testers.
If you feel you need your own id for testing, ask the technical contact(s).

Planned Features & Status

Assurance Level
The assurance level is a claim representing the authentication technique used by the selector at the IP/STS. It will be set to 1 for UsernameToken, and 2 for self-issued credential.

Notes on public reference


Technical ContactMarketing Contact
Contact Name:Tony Nadalin
Shane Weeden