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PamelaWare PW-wp Wordpress Plugin(Relying Party)

Last Update: 12 June, 2007


A Wordpress blog with the PamelaWare Information Card Plugin installed. The plugin is in debug mode, and has email verification turned off. It is also in beta, so expect a few odd things here & there. Right now there is a bug in the code that disables email verification that creates the account the first time you go to the site but doesn't set the proper login cookies - the 2nd authentication works fine, I'll fix this asap. Right now there is no way for the user to delete their own information card from the database, but I'm working on that too.

Connection Details

Main URL:
Token Type:urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion
Selector Trigger:XHTML
Policy Endpoint:Embedded in XHTML trigger
Required Claims:
Optional Claims:

Issue List

Issue DescriptionFound BySolution Notes
No email validation is done (making this site not-at-all-securePam 
If a default namespace is specified, issues ariseJim Foxhope to have a fix by June 14
Because I can't automatically submit the embedded object, and because it has to be advertised over HTTPS, I currently have no choice but to put mixed http and https links in the same page, which means you all have to click that annoying message about viewing non-secure links. Sorry about thatPamI have no idea what to do about this
If AudienceRestriction is published, this RP doesn't notice or careRamananot sure if this matters

Planned Features & Status

Privacy PolicyShould be available by June 11
User can delete their own cardsShould be available by June 14
Page Data depends on cameratype claimAds will change if value is either "canon" or "nikon"

Notes on Public Reference

  • You are welcome to publicly list me as a participant in this interop
  • You are welcome to publicly list problems you've found with the plugin as long as you notify me as well, and as long as you include in your problem description the fact that the PamelaWare Joomla plugin is a beta test site, and is not expected to be production grade.


Technical ContactMarketing Contact
Contact Name:Pamela DingleRichard Deyholos
Telephone:403-714-4245403-270-0657 ext. 31