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Ian Brown's Safari Plugin(Identity Agent)

Last Update: 28 May, 2007


In the latest version (0.2.1219), multiple "self-asserted" or "personal" cards can be created, stored, and selected. The selector plug-in will seed new InfoCards by pulling the logged in account's personal information from the AddressBook application. It should work with existing installs of Safari, and with most relying parties.

Agent Details

Download URL
Agent TypeBrowser Extension
PlatformApple (both Intel & PowerPC)
Software PrerequisitesSafari
Supports Self-Issued Card Scenariosyes
Supports Managed Card Scenariosunknown
Supports import/export of multiple cardsunknown
Supports PPID differentiation Scenariosunknown

Issue List

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Planned Features & Status


Notes on public reference


Technical ContactMarketing Contact
Contact Name:Ian Brown