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Template Format

{{#vardefine:page|{{#if:{{#var:page}}|{{#var:page}}|Feature}}}}{{#vardefine:nr|{{#if:{{#var:nr}}|{{#expr:{{#var:nr}}+1}}|1}}}}{{#vardefine:url|{{#replace:{{#var:page}}| |_}}}}{{#if:{{{feature_id}}}|{{#if:{{#var:DtArticleSortKey}}||}}}}{{#ifeq:{{#var:header}}|no||

{{#if:{{#var:refs}}|[[{{#var:page}}|no_ref's]]|[[Special:Call/DT Article show Refs,page={{#var:page}},refs=yes|ref's]]}}}} {{#if:{{#var:DtArticleSortKey}}|({{#var:DtArticleSortKey}})}}    list help  [[Special:Call/DT Article copy,cat=Feature,from={{#var:page}},namespace=Template|copy]]  [[Special:Call/DT Articles list XML,type=Feature,title={{#var:page}},namespace=Template|as XML]]  edit
Enter the feature name - Maturity: {{#if: | ({{{maturity_date}}} ) }}
Please edit this page template to enter a summary. Enter a test description Enter the acceptable result Enter the unacceptable result


Template Invocation

|name               = 
|summary            = 
|interoptype        = 
|solutionrole       = 
|featuretype        = 
|testdescription    =
|acceptable         = 
|not_acceptable     = 
|testlist           =
|maturity_status    =
|maturity_date      =

Usage notes

Important: This template creates rows in an already existing table!

  • name
The name of the feature.
  • summary
A short description of the feature.
  • interoptype
Technology used, either Information Card or OpenID
  • solutionrole
The Role of the Solution that this feature applies to. Should be one of the following:
  • Information Card Identity Provider
  • Information Card Relying Party
  • Information Card Identity Selector
  • Information Card Browser Add-on
  • OpenID Identity Provider
  • OpenID Relying Party
  • featuretype
Section of the document the feature applies to (Should be one of 'Interop Feature', 'Usability Feature' or 'Condition-Handling Feature')
  • testdescription
A description of how the feature might be tested.
  • acceptable
Acceptable behavior for a component.
  • not_acceptable
Unacceptable component behavior.
  • testlist
An interwiki link to test that prove the features.
  • maturity_status
A designation to show adoption and community opinion of maturity of this feature
  • Can be
    • Emerging
    • Established
  • maturity_date
In the case where the feature is considered established, list the Interop where the feature became established
  • Can be
    • I1
    • I2
    • I3

If a given instantiation of this component can be more than two different component types at once, this template can be modified